Helping My Mom To Choose A Great Nursing HomeHelping My Mom To Choose A Great Nursing Home

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Helping My Mom To Choose A Great Nursing Home

After my mother was diagnosed with a debilitating illness, I knew that I couldn't care for her on my own any longer. I wanted to give her the best care possible, which is why I encouraged her to look around for a nursing home. I was able to visit a huge variety of different assisted living centers and gather brochures for her, and she was finally able to narrow down her selection. This blog is all about helping your elderly loved one to choose a great nursing home or assisted living facility, so that you can take care of their needs.


Three Things To Bring An Elderly Relative In A Seniors Home

Making an elderly relative happy while you're visiting a seniors home isn't always easy. To make the visit go more smoothly, it's a good idea to put together a box of items you want to present to your relative. If you're not sure what items your elderly relative will appreciate, check out these three gifts to bring.

An Appropriate Book

In almost all situations, a book is a good gift that will provide long hours of enjoyment. If you can't think of anything else to fill the box of stuff you'll be giving to your relative, it's a good idea to consider at least one book.

If your relative is only physically disabled, call and ask about favorite genres before picking out a book. If your relative has dementia or Alzheimer's, there are special picture books available that will provide a great deal of enjoyment.

An Updated Photo Album

You'd be surprised how much a few new pictures to go with a bunch of old ones will brighten a senior's mood. For a great presentation, consider bundling a bunch of photos you've taken since your last visit in a small photo album.

While photos of you and your immediate family are obviously important, it's also a good idea to include other photos for variety's sake. Even something as simple as a picture of a city you've recently been to can dramatically improve the attractiveness of a photo album.

Some Kind Of Souvenir From Where You're Currently Living

A small souvenir from where you're currently living will do a lot to complement the photos in the box. If you live by a large national park or an extensive piece of coastline, the souvenir could be as simple as a small rock or a shell from a beach. If you live in a large city, there should be plenty of souvenir shops near your home.

Just make sure the souvenir isn't so small that it's easy to lose. For example, if you choose to give your relative an oddly-shaped rock, try to find a rock that's small enough to fit in a drawer but not so small that it can be lost under a couple sheets of paper.

The more thought you put into your gifts, the more likely they are to make a lasting impression. Especially when it comes to raising the spirits of a relative in a seniors home, you shouldn't spare any effort. You can also contact a professional assisted living center, like Wedgewood Estates, to see what gifts their residents typically enjoy.