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Helping My Mom To Choose A Great Nursing Home

After my mother was diagnosed with a debilitating illness, I knew that I couldn't care for her on my own any longer. I wanted to give her the best care possible, which is why I encouraged her to look around for a nursing home. I was able to visit a huge variety of different assisted living centers and gather brochures for her, and she was finally able to narrow down her selection. This blog is all about helping your elderly loved one to choose a great nursing home or assisted living facility, so that you can take care of their needs.


What To Prepare For When Undergoing Rehab For A Hip Injury

As you age, you are more likely to injure your hip in a slip or fall. On average, at least 250,000 people over the age of 65 are hospitalized for a hip injury every year. If you've injured your hip in an injury due to a fall, you will need to undergo extra care in order to heal. Learn what to expect when undergoing rehab for for your hip injury.

Short term rehab

An assisted living facility will likely be recommended for your injury, especially if you haven't broken your hip in your fall. A bruised hip or torn muscle will still need professional care in order for you to heal properly. For your short term rehab, you will be placed in a room where you can recuperate and have assistance in getting to and from the restroom, bathing, and even getting dressed for the day. You will also receive therapy to help you manipulate your hips, knees, and legs in order to recuperate back to full function as much as possible. It's important that you take your short term rehab seriously and do exactly as your therapist and doctor recommend so you can better heal your injury and reduce the stress on your body as you recuperate.

When longer care is needed

Unfortunately, only about 25% of hip injuries fully heal in older patients. The average length of stay in a hospital is at least a week before you are able to go to a rehab facility. If results aren't seen with your short term rehab within a few weeks, you may be facing the decision to remain in a nursing home or assisted living facility for a longer period. While this may sound daunting, this move is actually beneficial to your overall health and is your greatest chance for a full recovery. Your doctor will be able to oversee your care while in short term rehab, and will discuss with you if a longer stay is necessary to help you heal. The more physical therapy and rest you receive, the better your chances of a full or nearly full recovery for your hip injury.

When you get a hip injury, hospitalization and short or long term rehab will most likely be necessary to help you recover more successfully. If you are prepared to enter an assisted living facility to rehabilitate your hip, you can heal more quickly in a safer environment. Your doctor and therapist will help you choose the right recovery plan for your injury severity and overall health. For more information, contact Valley View Retirement Community or a similar location.