Helping My Mom To Choose A Great Nursing HomeHelping My Mom To Choose A Great Nursing Home

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Helping My Mom To Choose A Great Nursing Home

After my mother was diagnosed with a debilitating illness, I knew that I couldn't care for her on my own any longer. I wanted to give her the best care possible, which is why I encouraged her to look around for a nursing home. I was able to visit a huge variety of different assisted living centers and gather brochures for her, and she was finally able to narrow down her selection. This blog is all about helping your elderly loved one to choose a great nursing home or assisted living facility, so that you can take care of their needs.


What Options Exist For Paying For Nursing Homes And Assisted Living?

You might be wondering what the options are for paying for nursing homes, assisted living, or other senior care needs. Here is a breakdown of the potential players.

Health Insurance

Health insurance companies make their own stipulations about the types of elder care they provide; in some cases, it can be quite comprehensive. They might pay a portion of a senior's long term stay in a nursing facility.


If your loved one meets certain financial criteria, they could be eligible for Medicaid payments. This government program covers many costs related to geriatric health care, provided that they are medically necessary. For example, the costs for skilled nursing would be covered, but the costs of moving into independent living would not be.


A broader range of seniors can apply for Medicare. The Medicare program helps out with costs, up to a certain point. For example, the program would pay for up to 20 days of stay in a nursing home or other inpatient facility. After that, the family pays for a portion of the costs up to 100 days. After 100 days, the family must finance their own nursing home payments.

Personal Assets

Personal assets are a big issue with any kind of nursing home financing. A lot of times, the money to pay for nursing home will come out of the savings that the person has accumulated. The person's assets will also be taken into account when determining if they are eligible for government subsidies. The records of a person's assets may be traced back over the course of the past year, so it's not possible to transfer that person's assets to someone else in order to apply for aid.

Children's Savings

In some cases, a child may need to contribute to their parent's care. If it comes down to this case, be sure that you speak with the facility to see if they can offer you a discount for an uninsured patient. Compare the cost and amenities of different facilities to ensure you're getting value for your money. And talk with a health professional about your parent's health status; you'll want to be sure that your parent really does need such a high level of care before you tap into your own assets. In short, considering all of the options available to you for financing is the best way to get a parent the care they need, without breaking your own financial plans.