Helping My Mom To Choose A Great Nursing HomeHelping My Mom To Choose A Great Nursing Home

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Helping My Mom To Choose A Great Nursing Home

After my mother was diagnosed with a debilitating illness, I knew that I couldn't care for her on my own any longer. I wanted to give her the best care possible, which is why I encouraged her to look around for a nursing home. I was able to visit a huge variety of different assisted living centers and gather brochures for her, and she was finally able to narrow down her selection. This blog is all about helping your elderly loved one to choose a great nursing home or assisted living facility, so that you can take care of their needs.


How Moving To Assisted Living Is Safer For Seniors

How often do you worry about your senior parents living at home alone? Do you go there often to check on them or help them with tasks? Do you fear they might fall or injure themselves? Many adult children worry about their parents as they age. As a result, many encourage their parents to move to assisted living facilities. Moving to assisted living is safer for seniors in many ways. Here are some of the ways.

24/7 staff

When a senior lives alone, they have no one nearby to help them. Thus, they have to call and wait for help if they need it. At assisted living, there are workers on staff around the clock. As a result, seniors always have help when they need it. The staff helps in many ways, but the vital part is they're always there. There is always someone around to help, which is a huge safety benefit of assisted living facilities.

Safe living units

The units they provide are also safer. First, there are no steps. Stairs are challenging for many seniors, so this might be one benefit you have by moving to assisted living. Additionally, you'll find grab bars in the units. The units have these in the bathrooms and other areas, making it easier for seniors to get up and down. The units might also have mobility chairs for the seniors. These make getting up and down less challenging.

Call buttons for help

The units also come equipped with call buttons. The residents can use these for emergencies or other situations when they need help. Thus, they won't have to try to find their cell phones or landlines to call for help.

Daily assistance

One of the best perks of assisted living is the daily assistance the residents receive. They can sign up for services once a day or more. During this time, they'll have someone there to assist with all the tasks they choose. For example, someone can help them bathe or get dressed. Staff can also clean their rooms and handle most other tasks that seniors might need.

Consider a move to assisted living

If you or your parents need help, assisted living might be the right option. You can learn more about this option by contacting a center. You might also schedule a visit to see the accommodations. Seniors are safer when living in assisted living facilities, so consider one today.    

For more information, visit a local assisted living center